Tuesday, January 31, 2012

100 days of fitness (1st round): Day 2 - 31st of January

Ok, I only have a few minutes to spare as I have work at 4AM tomorrow. My early morning workout will have to be moved in the afternoon. I haven't decided yet if I will workout at home or at 360 fitness club (yes, I think it's time to test if I can go back to doing their circuits. AC sprain on my left shoulder).

So, waking up at 430AM was a struggle. I hit the snooze button and woke up 30 minutes after. I spent a few minutes contemplating if I should get up and workout or sleep for another hour. Working out won. I had my pre-workout snack to give me the energy to finish and complete my WOD---it's so on right now from BodyRock.TV. Holy motheroffrack was I sweating like a pig and struggling to complete my exercises. I gave my dad a scare cos I was breathing loudly (that was me just exhaling).

Anyway, I need to sleep better so I can perform better. It really sucks that I felt so worn out and my reps were blah.

On the food front, I did my grocery yesterday to tide me over for a few days. I cooked a batch of broccoli/zucchini soup for baon. I was thisclose to eating a bag of chicharon ni Mang Juan when I got home when it hit me that I was blogging about my fitness journey. Went back to my mom's room, returned he bag of chips, and drank a glass of cold water. To ward of the munchies, I kept myself busy and watched The girl with a dragon tattoo.

Weekday temptations, please leave me alone.

- - -

This was my food intake for the day:

5AM pre-workout snack - 1 slice 12-grain bread, 1 tablespoon sugarfree orange marmalade
6AM breakfast - 1 cup almond milk, 1 cup water, 3/4 cup oats, 1/4 cup frozen blue berries
730AM - 1 tall cafe americano black
930AM - 1 granola bar
1145AM - 1/2 cup red rice, 2 chicken breast cooked adobo style, mixed greens without dressing, 1/2 cup broccoli/zucchini soup, 1 large pineapple juice (no more juices!)
2PM - 1 cup green tea
330PM - 1/2 cup broccoli/zucchini soup
5PM - 1 slice 12-grain bread, 1 tablespoon sugarfree orange marmalade
730PM - 1/2 cup red rice, 1/2 fried tilapia, 1/2 cup adobong kangkong

Wow, written down that seemed like a lot. My stomach is getting used to not eating a lot again. So hush, be patient my stomach!

My workout was quite dismal. Here's what I did and how I fared:

Workout of the day: It's so on right now (from bodyrock.tv)
Instructions: Do 2 rounds of all the exercises doing as much reps as you can using a 10:50 interval
1. 8-lb kb swings 26 | 25
2. Burpees 9 | 7
3. Turkish get up 6 | 6
4. Crab kick ups 28 | 24
5. 1-leg (L) elevated squats 10 | 10
6. 1-leg (R) elevated squats 12 | 7
7. Jump lunge with knee crunch 7 | 8
8. Mt. climbers 35 | 16
9. Lunge-low jack combo 4 | 5
10. Deep squat with knee crunch 12 | 11

And I am off to sleep!

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