Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Round 2: Day 2 of 100

Today's workout was brought to you by the ripped Craig Ballantyne. He makes body weight circuit training look easy, but holy crap on a cracker is it hard! I have been doing body weight workouts for more than a year now, and it still amazes me how much using just my body can tire me out. This was physically and mentally challenging for me, particularly the spiderman pushups (that's 20 reps not 15) because I felt my arms could not perform the pushup so I did the spiderman minus the pushup. I know, what a cop out, huh? Anyway, after the 2nd round, I was wiped and was catching my breath and wanted to give up. I had to take a 3-minute break while mentally psyching myself up to finish everything. I thought of the improvements I made and the taunts of some people that I cannot do it. It made me push myself to finish the entire circuit. Took me 35:31 minutes, and I pretty much wanted to sleep on the mat during my cool down. I was that beat.

Food log: Ah, today, I have been a bad girl, screwing my fairly clean diet a little. It is my nephew's 7th month so we had pizza for snacks and spaghetti and fried chicken wings for dinner. So here's what I inhaled the entire day:

Brekkie shake (I never change the ingredients so for all intents and purposes, I will only write the name moving forward, unless I add something)
1 grande americano (I always drink black coffee)
1 cup ginataang langka
2 tilapia fillet
1 pritong lumpiang togue (so sinful!)
romaine lettuce with apple cider vinegar with honey
1 slice pepperoni pizza
1 cup spaghetti with meat and white sauce (parmesan and chilli flakes)
1 fried chicken wings

Whew...that was a lot. Back to regular programming tomorrow. I could use a veggie cleanse.

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