Thursday, June 14, 2012

Round 2: Day 4 of 100

Today's workout was a boxing session at Penalosa gym in Libis. The mitt rounds gave me a good burn, but the speed ball, hanging ball, and punching bag did not do a lot for me. The jump rope warm up was nice, too, as I watched my wrist rotate the rope...I think my singles technique is getting's hoping I get to do a skip soon.

Here are the rounds I did after warming up: 3 rounds of jump rope; 3 rounds mitts, 3 rounds punching bag (I imagined this was the guy I 'like'), 3 rounds hanging ball, 3 rounds of speed ball (this always frustrates me to no end because I can't do it with 2 hands...practice!),  and 2 rounds of mitts again. I did not do the ab exercises anymore and proceeded to the stretching. My knuckles have some angry red lines. OMO.

Food journal:

Brekkie shake
1 multi-grain roasted chicken with canadian back bacon sandwich
2 pieces pichi-pichi (waahhh yummy)
1 americano grande
1 cucumber and carrot juice
1 cup chicken tinola, 1 piece chicken breast and green papaya
1 serving (palmful) roasted chicken

I met up with a friend I have not seen for a long time and he was surprised that I was slimmer. Hurrah for small victory! ^_^

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