Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Round 2: Day 3 of 100

No picture of today's workout. I was set on not working out today because we got home late, and I avoid working out after 8PM if I have work the following day as it messes my sleeping time. I am trying to get back on track in terms of waking up at 430AM.

But, when I thought of my workout journal and realized I will have nothing to input, I decided to do 100 modified push ups. I did more...when I was standing on the mat, my legs automatically did a squat and I decided to do 4 rounds of 25 body weight squats and 25 push ups. Gave me quite a sweat, to be honest, and enough burn on my muscles.

Food journal:
Brekkie shake
1 americano grande
6 bakeded tofu slices
romaine lettuce
tuna and baked beans (with yogurt, mustard, and jalapeno, split in 2; ate 1 serving)
2 slices of sugar free bread
1/4 cup chop suey
1 french roll with butter
1 lentil bean soup with chorizo
1 plain ice cream sundae
1 glass cucumber and carrot juice

---Too many sugars for the day. Boo.

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