Sunday, February 5, 2012

100 days of fitness (1st round): Day 6 - 4th of February

Managed to get my fat ass off the bed and workout. I mainly did nothing all day, literally living out Bruno Mars' Lazy song.

I am quite proud that I did not gorge on junk food as I thought I would be. I tend to eat so much during weekends, which negates the weekday calorie limit I set. I did increase my food intake, though, particularly for rice and allowing ketchup to touch my tongue. Who would have thought that ketchup is a sneaky little bugger when it comes to fat gain.

For my workout, I did an interval training of cardio and core. This was my workout:
4 rounds of: 4 minutes jump rope: 1 minute crab kick ups.
I completed 1020 jumps and 114 kick ups! Happy Saturday!!!

My food journal:

1/2 cup red rice
1/2 tortang giniling
Chili powder
2T tomato ketchup
1 cup black coffee


1/2 cup red rice
3 cubes pork binagoongan (with eggplant)
Chili powder
1T bagoong
5 slices indian mango
3 cubes dark chocolate with chili pePper

2 cubes royce chocolate with champagne

1/4 cup red rice
Adobo with 2 pcs pork (cube) and 1 whole hardboiled egg

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