Monday, February 6, 2012

100 days of fitness (1st round): Day 8 - 6th of February

Mondays are usually the hardest. I was already awake at 415AM and decided to stay in bed for a few minutes. Managed to get out of the bed by 445AM to get my pre-workout meal and get ready for a "Deck of cards" workout care of Coach Ross Enamait.

Go here if you want to read the gist of the workout--->BURPEE!

 I assigned exercises to the the cards:

Heart - prisoner squats
Diamond - pushups (i did reverse pushups for 3 sets, i think)
Spade - Mt. climbers
Club - db rows
Joker (red) - 10 burpees
Joker (black) - V-crunch with butt lift

I completed the deck of card exercises in 26mins and 14 seconds. Lovely workout!

This is my food journal for today:

Pre workout snack 5am 1 slice 12-grain bread 1 tablespoon sugar free orange marmalade

6am breakfast
1/2 cup almond milk
1 1/2 cup water
3/4 cup oats
1/2 cup frozen blue berries

730am tall cafe americano

1130am 1 whole wheat in cornmeal sandwich---turkey, chickenm egg whites

3pm 11pcs roasted salted almonds

7pm 1/2 cup red rice, 1/2 cup pinakbet, 1 dalagang bukid, 2 pineapple wedges

My learning for today (and the week past) is that not preparing your food leads to disaster...or choosing something that has higher caloriers than what you would normally prepare. So plan, plan, plan.

Off to sleep. Thank you for a great Monday!

PS...I drove myself to work today! Hurrah!

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