Sunday, February 5, 2012

100 days of fitness (1st round): Day 7 - 5th of February

Today, I did not work out. I just had a very lazy day, except for the bit when we went to the mall to buy a new phone. But yes, very lazy day and I indulged a little with my food.

I did manage to snap out of buying dunkin' donuts; good thing the lady infront of me was talking so long. Small victory, hurrah!

This is my food journal for today:

1/2 cup red rice
Adobo with 2 pcs pork and chicken (cube) and 1fried egg
2T ketchup
Chilli powder

2pcs pork sinigang
1/2 cup red rice
2wedges pineapple
1 royce chocolate with champagne

1. Chicharon ni mang juan (170 cal)

630pm 1 bola bola siopao

9pm 1 cup pancit malabon
1/2 tuna sandwich on white bread

I need to do my grocery tomorrow and plan my meals for the rest of the week. Good night, world!

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